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So last night was a great night with Joe and Melinda, and then this morning Sam picked us up and dropped us off at the Everett Events center. We arrived at the same time as Krista, Alex, Joran, and Alysha. So we all went up and we sat there and sung and cuddled in blankets took pictures. We also made a gang to beat up these stupid bitches that were talking shit about us. Then Alex and I wanted to see if Taste of chaos was on the upcomming events board, and we were sooo cold so we went across the street and Alex bought me an extra hot hot chocolate, and it felt funny standing in line behind cars, and cars waiting in line behind us. It felt soo good though, and it was so hot it made my hands tingle. So when we got back to everyone else, Jordan and Alysha were back and they had brought doughnuts and Hot chocolate, and they were sitting in the actual line, so we all sat in a circle talking to our new friend. he is a security guy named greg. He is sooo nice! And he told us where he would be during the concert and told us to come up there, and he would talk to the bands about letting us meet them because he always gets to meet the bands. And he said he can get us a set list or something like that. Then we got our tickets and Sam and I dropped MElinda off and we went and got Amanda. I came home and called Taylor because he was mad at me " in a sence" Talked to him about stuff (if you call both of us being silent most of the time talking about it) Then I made a myspace for our gang. and Amanda said she would be part of our gang.

One of the best mornings ever. Thanks guys.

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