January 23rd, 2005

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So yesterday I couldnt go to this show I really wanted to go to, so I ended up going to Denny's with Sam, Amanda, Shawn, Cody, Andrew, and I cant remember the other peoples names. It was a great time, and all of her friends are freaking hillarious. So then Amanda ended up spending the night and Amanda and I started watching Final Destination 2 today and then ended up deciding to go get Allison and go to the mall. So we went and got Allison, and I convinced her that her mom was comming with us so I got her to move over to the middle seat lmao. She was seriously convinced. So then we were at the mall and we went to the dollar store and found the ugliest rings we could possibly find and we bought them and told the Asian lady that was cashiering that they were our wedding rings and we gave her a good laugh with our story. So then when we were walking I saw this guy holding his girlfriend's hand and it made me think of the guy I like and just as I was about to say something about him to Allison he was standing just like 10 feet in front of me and I was like "WOAH!" it was pretty freaky. So then we went left the mall and Sam wanted to go get Hair dye at Target, so Al and I waited in the car and we were talking, and I reached in my purse and got my lip gloss out, but I also had a pad in there, so I grabbed it and threw it at her. Then she grabbed a pad out of her purse and was like hitting me with it and trying to rub it on my face and we got in a HUGE fight with them, and she ended up giving me a bloody nose, taking off some of my makeup and messing up my hair. The windows were completely steamed up and it was hella hot in there. Immature I know, but we all have our moments. So then we went and dropped them off and as Allison was giving me a hug I took the strip protecting the adhesive off the pad and stuck it on her back and she had no clue. Freaking hillarious to watch her walk up the drive way with a big ol pad across her back. Gosh I love my best friend/wife. Greatttt weekend though. ♥
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