January 9th, 2005

die whore

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So Melinda spent the night last night, and my mom came in this morning at 7:30 and was like " The ground is white and its snowing!" So we got on a bunch of layers of clothes and went out and walked through the streets before any of the stupid little kids could ruin it. It was extremely entertaining, because Melinda looked like a tard (I did too) but when she was running I couldnt stop laughing.
Then we came back and watched the Butterfly Effect.

I have been so bored lately.

Sam and I stayed home from school on Friday because she didnt want to drive in the ice. It was realllly boring though, because our internet wasnt working. But then Amanda came over, and I went to Alex's house, and it was really fun.

I dont think I like anybody right now. And it feels so good. Instead of liking those stupid guys that lead you on and then drop you on your ass. Im sick of it. And hopefully I wont like anybody for awhile.
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