January 1st, 2005

die whore

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Tonight has been a pretty good night, even if the day was a knife in my back. KZ and Rachel came for a bit, and Rachel and I played a very INTENSE game of fooseball, and it came down to 9 to 9, and Rachel won!
It was a funny game though. Then we watched Rachel and KZ play, and that was really funny too because KZ got so rough and he made the top come off of the legs so it was really crooked and but we fixed it. Then Kort an I played and I won 2 out of 3! woop for me! When the clock struck 12 Nicole was running around the house screaming and Kortnie and I were cracking up. Kortnie was also my first kiss of 2005. And then we ate cheesecake. The end.

Happy New Year everybody.

Wow, tonight has actually let me forget about today's stupidity.
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