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Apparently my REAL name is
Alico Framilia Balcofrach'e Von Lepodra.
Yeah, Allison is freaking insane. I love that girl.

I had a SPECTACULAR birthday.
And I love all my friends.
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die whore

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1. I _____ Alex

2. Alex is my_____

3. Alex needs ______

4. I want to _______ Alex

5. Alex can ______ my ______

6. Someday Alex will ______

7. Alex reminds me of _______

8. Without Alex ______

9. Alex can be ______

10. Worst thing about Alex is ______

11. Best thing about Alex is _______

12. Sometimes Alex ______

13. I think Alex should ______

14. if i was alone with Alex in a room i would_____

15. Alex is such a_____
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die whore

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MAJJJJOOOR friends cut.

I just deleted half the people on my friends list.

Any objections?


If not... Good.

As soon as I get my new livejournal,

__im_a_trick  )

set up completely Ill start using that one, so the people that are still on my friends list can add that one.

Ill probably start using that one in like a week or something.


Guess what?

My birthday is friday.